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Xinyuan packaging makes cartons "intelligent" and "industrialized" integrate to a new height

release date: Source: Handan TV

how to debug the economic stress testing machine in Handan City, Hebei Province? Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd., located in the technological development Zone, integrates the seemingly ordinary carton production into the new technology of intellectualization and industrialization, realizing land conservation, production environmental protection and chain integrity, It has not only created a new mode of environmentally friendly paper packaging production, but also become a model for the city's industrial projects to save land

Xinyuan packaging has no base paper production link. All the base paper comes from the largest base paper production enterprises in the United States, Australia and China. Xinyuan packaging also implanted chips into each roll of raw materials for the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Mongolia, so that each roll of base paper has its own ID card, opening up the last 100 meters of intelligent production

in the production workshop of Xinyuan packaging, this production line, which integrates industrialization and intelligence, is the most advanced German BHS production equipment in the industry at present. It has more than 50 years of corrugated machinery professional technology, and it has achieved automation from production order arrangement to switching

Xinyuan packaging starts from the production of corrugated board, to the carton forming, appearance printing, and the whole process coverage, realizing the entry of base paper and the delivery of finished products. Therefore, the selection of test equations needs to be more careful Longliu water line has created the whole chain of the packaging industry, and the land plot ratio has reached 1.8, far exceeding the standard of 1.5 plot ratio of national economic and technological development zones

it is understood that the market demand for new source packaging has reached a record high. From March 2020 to September 2020, it took only half a year for the construction of new source packaging to be completed and put into production. Now, more than 1 million products with value are continuously exported every day

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