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New special sealant for plates will become the mainstream of consumption

new special sealant for plates will become the mainstream of consumption

November 25th, 2003

wood is one of the most used materials in decoration materials. Before painting the plate, carpenters will first brush the plate sealer on its surface to form a protective film, which plays a role of blocking, antifouling, deformation and cracking prevention

at present, more than 90% of woodworkers in the market use nitrocellulose varnish to realize the sealing effect of the board before decoration and bonding. Using nitrovarnish as a sealant has many disadvantages, such as more volatile nitrovarnish, which is harmful to human health; Secondly, when the plates treated with nitrate instead of nitrovarnish are coated with free upgraded paints (such as PU paint) of the impact testing machine (auto parts testing machine) other than nitrovarnish, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of "biting the bottom", that is, the thinner of the paint will dissolve the nitrovarnish on the surface of the original plate, resulting in the uplift of the paint film and the uneven "orange peel"

under the current situation that PU paint has gradually become the mainstream of consumption, it is obviously difficult to achieve perfect film effect by using nitrovarnish as sealant. Because there are relatively few ncm811/nca enterprises in China, relevant insiders suggest that special plate sealers should be used for interior decoration to ensure that decoration users can finally obtain perfect paint film effect

the sealing mechanism of special plate sealer is essentially different from that of traditional nitrocellulose varnish. According to the technical personnel of Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd., which took the lead in developing a special plate sealer, nitrovarnish is only a surface closed plate and cannot penetrate into it. After painting, the water enclosed in the plate will gradually seep out, resulting in the decline of the gloss of the paint film. The special plate sealer is a high permeability sealer. Its advantages are:

1 It can effectively penetrate into the plate, which can not only increase the surface hardness of the plate, but also prevent the deformation of the plate

2. The special plate sealer has good construction compatibility, and will not produce "undercut" when used with any type of paint

3. In terms of construction, it has more advantages. It can be brushed, sprayed and wiped, which is convenient for oil workers

mutual cooperation 4 The special plate sealer can also slow down the outward volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde in man-made plates, which is very beneficial to protecting the environment and ensuring the health of large personnel during the experiment

experts concluded that the special plate sealer will gradually replace the traditional nitrovarnish as the sealer and become a new fashion for indoor decoration

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