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Analysis of the new strategy of national power: the mobile number one and iron energy interconnection

has launched a new strategic goal to build "an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics"

it has become a trend for the top leaders of state-owned enterprises to launch new strategies, which can also be called slogan, to highlight their achievements during their tenure, which is different from their predecessors. Since 2015, Guodian has changed three chairmen in less than five years, and has launched at least three strategies

energy interconnection was put forward in the era of Liu Zhenya. It is still the main factor of national strategy and continues to this day. Others have changed several times. Mao Weiming took over as chairman of Guodian on January 17 and caught up with the epidemic. After two months, he put forward the new strategy of Guodian on March 18

the new strategy adheres to the formulation of energy interconnection, and the predecessor "ubiquity" has quietly cooled down. Energy interconnection has continued since the era of Liu Zhenya. The change of strategy can reveal the subtle adjustment of national electric positioning. It also reflects the top leaders' repositioning of the development direction of the enterprise. In the era of Internet and digitalization, the strategic changes of the country also reflect the exploration path of digital transformation of a central enterprise

the formulation of "new strategy" in different versions has been fine tuned, and new concepts and technologies have been incorporated into energy interconnection, reflecting the exploration of digital transformation of home appliances abroad and gradually clear and feasible implementation ways. This has little to do with the flow speed of the top leaders. All energy enterprises have to deal with the digital transformation of energy, and the winner will lead the future

international leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics

the direction of national power is energy interconnection enterprise, and the attribute emphasizes Chinese characteristics and international leadership. The national power assets are close to 4trillion yuan, making it the world's largest public utility enterprise. It has invested and operated backbone power in Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, Italy, Greece, Oman and other countries

the Party group of China National Household Appliance Co., Ltd. held a meeting a few days ago and established a new long-term development strategic goal, namely, to build "an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics"

according to the Chinese government, the new strategy has specific directions

"Chinese characteristics" is fundamental, which is reflected in adhering to the "two consistency" (adhering to the party's leadership over state-owned enterprises is a major political principle and must be consistent; establishing a modern enterprise system is the direction of state-owned enterprise reform and must be consistent), and the organic integration of the party's leadership into corporate governance, which is reflected in unswervingly serving the overall situation of the work of the party and the country, It is embodied in taking the road of electric power transformation and development and electric power system reform in line with national conditions, and in comprehensively fulfilling the political, economic and social responsibilities

it is emphasized here to serve the overall situation and fully implement the political, economic and social responsibilities. It is different from the general definition of enterprises' pursuit of profits

"international leadership" is the pursuit, committed to the enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness at the world's most advanced level in the same industry, leading business strength, leading core technology, leading service quality, leading corporate governance, leading green energy, leading brand value, and fully demonstrating the company's hard power and soft power

international leadership involves corporate governance and energy development. Display the benchmarking position with similar enterprises

"energy interconnection enterprise" is the direction and represents a higher stage of power development. Energy is the main body and interconnection is the means. The process of building an energy interconnection enterprise by the company is not only the process of promoting power to energy interconnection and sharing, but also the process of transforming and upgrading traditional electricity with interconnection technology

the organic integration of the three constitutes a beacon guiding the development of the company

based on electricity, China is fully connected to energy. Positioning is energy enterprises, not just electricity

from 2020 to 2025, we will basically build an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics, and the company will achieve international leadership in some fields, key links and main indicators. We will have distinctive advantages with Chinese characteristics, significantly improve the level of electrical intelligence and digitalization, and highlight the function of energy interconnection; From 2026 to 2035, an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics will be fully established

Mao Weiming emphasized that the success of strategy lies in implementation. We should carry out nail nailing and tighten it in time; The spirit promotes the implementation of the strategy and pays attention to the hierarchical connection. The company's planning, planning, budget, assessment and other aspects of work should highlight strategic guidance, strengthen strategic guidance, take the initiative to connect with the company's strategic objectives, strengthen horizontal coordination, decompose tasks step by step, and implement them at all levels. Pay attention to publicity and guidance

unify thoughts and actions internally, promote the new strategic objectives into the minds and hearts of the staff, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the officers in entrepreneurship; Show the company's role and responsibility externally, create a good corporate image, and strive to create a harmonious and beneficial development environment. Grasp the strategic closed loop. We will continue to deepen the research on strategic issues, improve the "four beams and eight pillars", form a complete strategic framework system, strengthen strategic operation analysis and follow-up evaluation, improve the strategic management level of the company, ensure that the company always strides forward and makes steady progress under the guidance of scientific strategy, and make unremitting efforts to build an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics

the following speeches are very institutionalized, and we should work together to achieve our goals. Having a strategy, we have to break it down. For China, it will be subdivided into a series of bidding, projects, projects and investments. It affects the entire power industry. Under the influence of the epidemic, China's investment and procurement directly determine the direction of the power industry. Some time ago, the new infrastructure includes UHV, charging piles and so on

national electricity can carry more investment and play a role in stimulating the industrial chain. Although we still need to wait for the specific way to realize the strategy, one thing has been affirmed that the state electricity should serve the overall situation as the starting point of policy. Electricity reform cannot be rigidly implemented, and we should maintain Chinese characteristics in any way, rather than being a pure enterprise

the leaders of central enterprises born of officials have a strong sense of understanding policies and have no compromise in their execution. Political priority in governing enterprises is also reflected

don't hesitate to invest. The overall economic situation needs to reduce electricity prices. If you can, reduce them. Don't bargain. Under the overall situation, realize the enterprise transformation and governance ability. If the 220V voltage of the power supply is unstable, the indication value will drift or jump randomly

this new strategy has not been refined, and the road map is not clear enough. Under the current situation, there is no shortage of intention to undertake new infrastructure investment

in the new strategy, 2025 and 2030 are nodes. 2025 is also the time node of the "new strategy" of the first two leaders, which is also consistent with the "Five-Year Plan" of the central government

constant energy interconnection, constantly enriched content

the strategy has been updated several times, and energy interconnection has always remained unchanged. It shows that Liu Zhenya's influence is still there, and it also shows that this is the content recognized by the high-level. Under the big hat, the content is constantly enriched, and the transformation direction will certainly increase, which is clear and feasible

this is the concentration of the process of energy digitalization transformation of energy enterprises, and the core demands have never changed

his predecessor, Kou Wei, took over as chairman in December 2018. It is proposed to build a "world-class energy interconnection enterprise". Because I acted relatively quickly as the general manager of State Grid in the previous three years. On December 15, Kou Wei published an article entitled "boosting the country's high-quality power development with supply side structural reform" in China Power News, stressing that "we must continue to hold high the banner of reform, pay close attention to the implementation of reform, and solidly deepen various reforms with greater efforts, more practical measures, and a tougher style, so as to solve problems, stimulate vitality, and release dividends."

then, state power introduced ten measures to comprehensively deepen reform, and the "boots" of reform were put into place. These ten initiatives include, equipment manufacturing, pumped storage, electric vehicles, integrated energy services, information communications and other business areas, covering almost all the business scope of State Grid Corporation of China

On January 17, 2019, at the 2019 work conference of the State Grid, Kou Wei put forward the new goal of "three types, two types and world-class" for the first time. It is also clear that "three types" enterprises are an important starting point for building a world-class energy interconnection enterprise. Based on the functional characteristics of energy interconnection and the mission of national household appliance companies, the energy interconnection enterprises we build must be modern enterprises with hub, platform and sharing characteristics

building and operating "two" well is an important material basis for building a world-class energy interconnection enterprise. On the one hand, we should persevere in the construction and operation of strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone and the coordinated development of electricity at all levels; On the other hand, we should make full use of modern information technology and advanced communication technology such as mobile Internet and artificial intelligence to realize the interconnection of everything and human-computer interaction in all links of the power system, and create an ubiquitous power IOT with comprehensive state perception, efficient information processing and convenient and flexible application that Bayer materials technology belongs to Bayer Group

in the period of Kou Wei, the strategy of national electricity was "three types and two types, and ubiquitous electricity and IOT". Combined with 5g, it has guided the development of the industry. However, ubiquitous power IOT requires huge investment, and there is no income in the short term. It was just a year from the proposal to the practice, and then to the transfer of Kou Wei to Datang on January 17, 2020

three types and two steps: the ubiquitous power IOT will be initially built in 2021, and by 2024, the ubiquitous power IOT will be built, including a four-tier structure of perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer, so as to fully realize business collaboration, data connectivity and unified IOT management, and comprehensively form an energy interconnection ecosystem of co construction, CO governance and sharing

when Shu Yinbiao, who took over from Liu Zhenya as chairman in 2016, proposed a new strategy of "building a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with excellent competitiveness". Shu Yinbiao interpreted that energy interconnection is the inevitable direction of future energy development. We are in the midst of a new round of energy reform, and we should take the initiative. Electricity is the hub of energy transmission and conversion, and is at the center of the energy revolution. We should fully understand the pivotal position of the power system, fully grasp the opportunities brought by this position, and usher in a new spring of power development

"re electrification" is the fundamental path of the new round of energy revolution, and "large-scale development and utilization of new energy" is the symbol of the new round of energy revolution. "Energy interconnection" takes "new generation power system" as the central link, integrates multi-energy conversion for testers to choose their favorite report format (the test program adds the built-in excel report editing function, which expands the pattern of the previous single professional report), intelligent control technology and modern information technology, which are ubiquitous and open for sharing in a wide area

this strategy also sets a road map. According to the timetable of the national power new era strategic goal, by 2035, it will be fully built into a world-class energy interconnection enterprise with excellent competitiveness

Liu Zhenya, who has been at the helm of Guodian for 13 years, promoted the construction of UHV projects during his term of office, weakened regional companies through "three sets and five major projects", and formed a unified management of Guodian. At that time, how to combine Internet and energy was a hot topic in the industry. On May 31, 2012, chairman Liu Zhenya proposed the idea of "Asia Europe energy channel". We will build a 4000-8000 km ultra long-distance UHV transmission channel from China to Europe to bundle clean energy such as wind energy, solar energy and hydropower from China, Russia (Siberia), Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other places to Europe. Delivering clean energy has become the pursuit of this idea

a conference was held at the Gaylord National Convention Center in Washington, D.C., from July 27 to 31, 2014

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