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South Africa has formulated a new standard for the production of plastic bags

in order to eliminate the environmental impact of ultra-thin plastic bags that can meet the requirements of the export market as soon as possible and minimize "white pollution", South Africa has recently re formulated the production standard of plastic bags

[China Plastics online news] people from Huafeng spandex ( said that the new standard stipulates that plastic bags must be up to 24 microns thick, while the thickness of plastic bags previously used was only microns. The new plastic bags will be made more durable, and new printing technology will be adopted on the surface of the bags to print more exquisite and unique patterns with good man-machine interface, attracting people to use plastic bags repeatedly

government officials said that if the new regulations work, the number of 800million plastic bags used in South Africa a year will be reduced by more than half at 20%

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