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China's photovoltaic products will face comprehensive restrictions imposed by the United States

Ministry of Commerce: it will organize and coordinate relevant defense work to safeguard legitimate rights and interests

China's photovoltaic products will face comprehensive restrictions imposed by the United States! The U.S. International Trade Commission preliminarily ruled on the 14th that China's solar cells exported to the United States caused substantial damage to its related industries, so the relevant double anti investigation will be officially launched in full. Yesterday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce directly pointed out that the US side aims to comprehensively and strictly restrict China's exports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to the United States, and said it will organize and coordinate relevant legal defense work to safeguard China's legitimate rights and interests

it is reported that in November 2011, the United States insisted on launching a double anti-dumping investigation against Chinese made photovoltaic cells despite China's opposition, and decided to impose anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties of 29.18% - 254.66% in December 2012. The high double anti tax rate makes it difficult for Chinese enterprises to export photovoltaic cell products made in China to the United States. On January 23 this year, the United States again launched a double anti investigation on Chinese photovoltaic products. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce of China pointed out that the purpose of the United States is to comprehensively and strictly restrict China's export of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products to the United States

there may be preliminary determinations in March and June

a new round of double negatives against the United States. On February 14, the U.S. International Trade Commission made a preliminary determination and preliminarily determined that the domestic industry of the United States had suffered substantial damage due to the import of Chinese crystalline silicon photovoltaic products. This preliminary ruling means that the US Department of Commerce will continue to focus on China The solar cells exported from China to the United States have been subject to anti-dumping and countervailing "double anti" investigations, and are expected to be the ideal sample cooling and insulation equipment in the low-temperature impact test of metal materials. The preliminary countervailing and anti-dumping determinations will be made in March and June respectively

yesterday, the head of the import and Export Fair Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce made a statement on this, saying that the US International Trade Commission failed to fully and objectively consider the fact and current situation of the interdependence of the Sino US photovoltaic industry. Chinese photovoltaic products not only did not harm the interests of the US industry, but also brought huge commercial benefits and employment opportunities to the upstream and downstream industries of the United States

the person in charge pointed out that since May 2013, China and the United States have conducted several rounds of consultations and negotiations on properly resolving trade frictions in the photovoltaic field. During the negotiation, the United States announced the second round of double anti investigation on China's photovoltaic products, which undoubtedly exacerbated the trade friction of photovoltaic products, and was also used to fight for the negotiation and settlement of Sino US photovoltaic product trade; Friction creates obstacles in the future

"the Ministry of Commerce will organize and coordinate China's photovoltaic industry and related enterprises to continue to do a good job in the legal defense of the structure of the electronic universal testing machine under the legal understanding of industrial injury, dumping, subsidies and other issues, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of China." The person in charge emphasized. Zhonghua glass () Department

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