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Hefei's photovoltaic power generation "leads" the national provincial capital city

according to the municipal power supply company, as of the beginning of May, the total photovoltaic power generation capacity in Hefei has reached 893 megawatts, and the annual power generation is expected to exceed 900million kwh, ranking first among the provincial capitals in China

Hefei is one of the first batch of new energy demonstration cities in China. It is rich in solar energy resources, with an annual average sunshine of about 2100 hours, and sufficient solar and thermal resources, which is suitable for the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation projects

since the Hefei municipal government issued the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of photovoltaic and promoting the development of photovoltaic industry" in June 2013, relying on the dual strength support of industrial development and application promotion, the photovoltaic industry in Hefei has developed from scratch and become a nationally famous "photovoltaic leading city" in only a few years

under the guidance of active policies, national excellent photovoltaic production and operation manufacturers have chosen Hefei to land

not long ago, a number of large-scale projects such as Feidong tanhupo 100 MW photovoltaic power station, the largest fishing light complementary power station in East China, and the largest roof photovoltaic power station in China, Jingshang trade city power station, were successively merged. The two innovative development "Hefei mode" of "photovoltaic poverty alleviation" and "collective photovoltaic in beautiful villages" are being promoted nationwide. So far, the number of individual photovoltaic poverty alleviation households in Hefei has reached 565, with a total capacity of 3. 99 MW. This year, more than 1000 households plan to implement this practice

in addition, photovoltaic power generation is constantly entering the homes of ordinary people. At present, Hefei has more than 1500 household photovoltaic power generation projects. After the electric energy generated by individual photovoltaic power stations meets the needs of families, and the life and intensity need to be improved, the remaining electric energy can be sold to electricity. Hefei city implements the government subsidy for each kilowatt hour of electricity. The individual electricity charge can be settled with the power supply company every six months. It is expected that the number of users will continue to grow this year

since 2016, Hefei's photovoltaic development has achieved a comprehensive acceleration. 1158 distributed photovoltaic power stations were built in the first quarter, and the capacity plastic deformation will be permanently preserved. At present, the cumulative number of photovoltaic power stations in the region has reached 2813, with a total capacity of 233 MW. In the first quarter, there were 12 large-scale direct photovoltaic power stations with a sales volume of 20 MW and more than 400billion yuan in the whole industry, which was the sum of the total number in 2015. The demand growth of the carton board industry in the past three years generally remained at about 2-3%. At present, there are 25 in total, with a total capacity of 660 MW. The total capacity of photovoltaic power generation in Hefei has reached 893 MW, and the annual power generation is expected to exceed 900million kwh

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