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Photovoltaic power stations in the United States withstood the test of Hurricane Florence. The tracking bracket adjustable "wind head"

after Hurricane Florence circled the Atlantic for several days, gb/t 3923.1 ⑴ 997 textiles tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break. The strip method landed in the area of ritsville beach, North Carolina, on September 14. 1.7 million of its 3.4 million customers suffered power cuts. During storms, the most vulnerable parts of the power system are wires and electrical equipment, which are damaged by tree collapse, pole fall or flooding

Duke, the two largest solar photovoltaic power stations and operators in North Carolina, has added its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Xstrata solar, a fixture with a small experimental force, said that their preliminary inspection found little damage to the photovoltaic system. As floods are expected, both companies will shut down some systems before the storm. Duke said that because of that, we need to pay special attention to three aspects: temporary shutdown or electrical damage or other external reasons, 3500 MW solar energy is medium and large, and the initial stress problem is about 1000 MW is offline, but 12 panels in a 60 MW solar power plant are damaged, less than 1% of the panels there

most PV modules and racks are designed to withstand wind pressures of up to 140 miles per hour. Some photovoltaic systems have tracking photovoltaic brackets, which can remotely control the panel to be moved to the position where the wind will cause the least damage

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