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Photovoltaic price: the decline in the price of monocrystalline silicon is more than expected, which may once again affect the wind direction of product selection

this week, when its functions and characteristics are not found, the latest quotation of monocrystalline silicon will be sharply reduced again, which will not only exert huge pressure on the polycrystalline supply chain with relatively strong orders, but also immediately affect the production and marketing strategy of upstream silicon and the price trend of downstream cells and modules

if the price difference between single crystal battery chips, components and conventional polycrystalline products is further narrowed, the recent strong demand for overseas polycrystalline components may slowly return to single crystal again. The price trend of silicon chips is undoubtedly a decisive factor in the product direction of the end market

silicon material

the price of silicon material continued to rise this week under the condition of continuous stable demand and slightly tight spot. The average price of cauliflower material in China has reached 86 yuan per kilogram, while the price of Zhimi material has risen again to 96 yuan per kilogram after stabilizing for three weeks. The low price of cauliflower and compact materials this week is slightly higher than the average price last week. The overall silicon material market shows a trend of volume contraction and price rise. According to the statistics in early July, the supply of silicon materials in August as the contractor of the Secretariat of Anhui non ferrous metal Standardization Technical Committee may be less, and the price may be supported

however, due to the impact of Longji's price reduction again, the demand for monocrystalline polysilicon chips may change. At the same time, whether the silicon material factory will make another concession on the price that has not easily risen is the factor that determines the price in August. At present, there is not much silicon supply in August, but there are not many orders concluded as of this week. Downstream procurement is still waiting to see whether the silicon wafer price will affect the silicon price. Overseas, demand continues to rise, but prices have not changed significantly

silicon wafer

the price of silicon wafer is more dramatic this week. Before Longji has announced the price, the polysilicon wafer camp has begun to raise the quotation to 2 per piece in view of the strong market demand 55 yuan. However, after Longji announced the new price in the afternoon, the price increase space of polycrystalline may have to be fully returned

the price of general chips of Longji is 3.15 yuan/0.395 dollars per chip, which exceeds the market expectation, not only because the price of silicon material has risen slowly, but also because the price of general single crystal chips has fallen below the level of 3.2 yuan and 0.4 dollars

Longji's new quotation narrowed the general price difference between single and polycrystalline silicon chips in the market to 0.65 yuan/0.07 US dollars per chip. According to this market situation, many August polysilicon chip orders may need to be renegotiated. Although some downstream orders are difficult to convert, polysilicon chips are still needed. However, once the price difference is narrowed to this point, the demand for single polysilicon after September is expected to reverse again. At the same time, the price of polysilicon chip may face a new wave of decline, which will also affect the upstream silicon material market and the possibility of polysilicon chip enterprises to resume work

battery chips

this week coincides with silicon chips. Note: do not tighten the hand wheel of the oil delivery valve too tightly. On the eve of releasing the new price, recently, the prices of various battery chips have temporarily shown a wait-and-see trend, and a new round of price negotiations can be started only after the silicon chips are announced. Therefore, the price this week remained stable at 1.03 – 1.07 yuan per watt of polycrystalline, and 0 136 dollars; Single crystal perc 1 per watt 3 yuan, 0 About 18 dollars

the decline of monocrystalline silicon wafer announced this time is higher than the original expectations of all walks of life, which not only makes the conventional monocrystalline and monocrystalline perc battery chips that have gradually stabilized recently may fall correspondingly to reflect the decline of silicon wafer, but also the decline in the price of monocrystalline products will bring significant pressure on the price of polycrystalline battery chips that have begun to rise due to tight supply recently. Last week, the market condition that the price of conventional single crystal and polycrystalline cells has reached the same level in China's domestic demand market may further evolve into that the price of conventional single crystal cells is significantly lower than that of conventional polycrystalline cells, and gradually begins to affect the selection trend of single crystal and polycrystalline products that can also be dialed to the manufacturer's terminal market


observe the recent component price trend, and the Chinese market price is polycrystalline per watt RMB 1, single crystal perc 2 The level of 35 yuan has been relatively stable, while the price of overseas components has continued to decline slightly

at present, the biggest uncertainty factor in the component market is still the survey results of India's safeguard measures. It is understood that the Indian safeguards survey may reach a further conclusion in August, so Indian power station investors hope to get the originally expected order volume as soon as possible in order to avoid additional tax risk. Due to the approaching schedule and the confusion in the upper and middle market prices, the willingness and strength of buyers and sellers of components to store additional goods in India in response to Indian safeguards are still quite limited

price description

the quotation of the newly added cauliflower material is mainly used in polycrystalline long crystals, while the dense material is mostly used in single crystals

pv InfoLink spot price information, the RMB price is the quotation of domestic demand in China, while the price shown in US dollars is the overseas price in non Chinese regions, not the direct conversion of RMB into US dollars

The spot price of PV InfoLink mainly refers to the information of more than 100 manufacturers. Mainly take the "mode" data of the most frequently traded transactions in the market as the average price (not the weighted average), but slightly fine tune it every week according to the market atmosphere

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