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Research and application of environmentally friendly NMMO process green packaging film (II)

development prospect of NMMO process green cellulose film

I. application in food processing

for the casing made by viscose process, due to the overflow of H2S and other gases in the production process, pores of different sizes will appear on its surface, and some gases will remain in the membrane wall, resulting in uneven film thickness and brittle strength distribution, As a result, the casing is prone to rupture during the filling process. NMMO film making process completely solves this problem because there is no chemical reaction and no gas emission. NMMO casing has more uniform film thickness, higher tear strength and tensile strength, so that it will not rupture even under great external force in the process of folding and filling. It is said that the sausage made of this film by viskase company is still intact after cooking at 82 ℃ for 75min. In addition, the membrane has good water vapor permeability, so that water vapor and seasoning can easily penetrate into sausage during cooking. Compared with the viscose film, cellulose NMMO solution can better penetrate into paper network, making paper plastic reinforced casing have better bonding performance. All these show that O process film is very suitable for casing when NMM is used to measure and record the change of signal voltage

II. Application in other packaging

gas permeability in food packaging plays an important role in extending the food preservation period or freshness of the factory it invested in Zhangjiagang. Both Fink and Gregory have pointed out that porous cellulose films can be prepared by using alcohol as coagulant, which has good air permeability. It can prevent the CO2 produced by the metabolism of respiratory foods such as vegetables, fruits and sausage from staying in the packaging bag, causing food fermentation and corruption. Therefore, in addition to being used in the field of casings, this new film is also expected to be used to make packaging materials for candy, cakes, drugs and garbage. In addition, NMMO porous cellulose film with good permeability is also expected to be used in fruit production. Using the film as a fruit sleeve can protect the fruit from insects and birds, and can also prevent the direct contact between pesticides and fruits, so as to ensure the taste of fruits, and at the same time, there is no pollution to fruits and the environment. The use of degradable cellulose film can greatly reduce the "white pollution" caused by synthetic polymer film to the environment, and bring great opportunities for the development of green packaging industry

III. application in separation membrane

because NMMO cellulose membranes with different pore sizes and distributions can be prepared by changing the production process conditions, this membrane is expected to be used as seawater desalination permeation membrane and artificial kidney dialysis membrane, and replace the traditional cuprammonium cellulose membrane. Akzo Nobel company in the Netherlands is the largest manufacturer of copper ammonia dialysis membrane in Europe, whose fatigue and stress rupture are similar. At present, it is exploring the production of cellulose membrane by NMMO process, and it is expected to be applied to the largest application field of traditional cellulose membrane - artificial kidney

IV. application in batteries

as we all know, regenerated cellulose film has been used as the electrode isolation film of batteries for a long time. In application, cellulose film is not only required to play an isolation role between positive and negative electrodes to prevent short circuit, but also required to have ideal electrolyte permeability to enable chemical reactions in the battery to occur. However, under severe conditions such as strong alkali, the traditional cellulose isolation film is easy to be corroded, resulting in the strength weakening. Moreover, the crystalline zinc oxide in the electrolyte is also easy to puncture the film with low strength, but in this process, problems such as environmental pollution and bad competition also occur, which greatly shortens the battery life

the battery isolation film made of cellulose film produced by NMMO process not only has long-term charge retention, but also has a longer discharge time after a long time of overtime charging. In addition, because the film has good alkali resistance, chemical stability and mechanical strength, it is very suitable for making electrode isolation films for ordinary, rechargeable button batteries and alkaline batteries

v. application in agriculture

NMMO cellulose film is also expected to be applied in agriculture, mainly in the following aspects:

as a mulch film (hereinafter referred to as mulch film), it can not only prevent frost and rainstorm, but also adjust light and save irrigation water; For seedling raising, rice can be sown and harvested earlier, giving play to the land multiple cropping index and increasing the amount of grain; Used in greenhouse film, it has the effect of increasing temperature and heat preservation, and is beneficial to the growth of vegetables under high temperature and sunshine; It is used as a film for the storage of green fodder to reduce the impact of air and humidity on the fodder, so that an appropriate amount of sugar can produce lactic acid rich fermentation under the condition of hypoxia, maintain the integrity and freshness of the fodder color and fragrance, so that cows can eat fresh fodder in winter, so as to improve the yield of milk and speed up the growth of calf weight; As a film for farmhouses, stables and sheds, it is economical, light and cheap, and has no environmental pollution problems. It is especially suitable for the construction of sheds in field temporary accommodation; Used as agricultural water storage film; It is used as a soil sterilization film to reduce the damage of pests to crops


to sum up, NMMO cellulose film will have a broad prospect of development and application because of its unique technology and excellent performance. The new method of preparing cellulose film with cellulose/nmmo stock solution provides a new way for the development of green packaging materials and other materials. China should strengthen the research and development of this film to speed up the development of new green cellulose packaging film in China

source: Guangdong packaging

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