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The research and application project of papermaking production information integrated manufacturing system passed the appraisal

recently, the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of "research and application of papermaking production information integrated manufacturing system" organized by Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology was held in Jinjiang expert activity center. Dr. jinfujiang, the project undertaker, is a postdoctoral fellow introduced by Jinjiang for enterprises

"research and application of papermaking production information integrated manufacturing system" is based on the papermaking production process of Jinjiang youlanfa Paper Co., Ltd. and the theory and method of CIMS as the basic framework. With the application of advanced computer network, web database, complex system modeling and advanced control technology, the paper production process control system is realized with an estimated annual output value of 520million yuan after all production Information integration of production management system and enterprise resource management system. Since the system was put into use in August, 2004 in the tns-ez1a wire rod change experimental machine of youlanfa Paper Co., Ltd., which consists of mechanical and electrical systems, through the accurate control of paper production paper quantitative, moisture and other parameters, the paper production cost has been reduced, the paper quality has been improved, the efficiency of quality management and statistical analysis of the company has been greatly improved, and the efficiency of production cost accounting and the accuracy of prediction have been improved. It generates comprehensive economic benefits of more than 2 million yuan for enterprises every year

after identification, the expert group agreed that the system is convenient to spray more materials where needed, which has high application value and academic level, and the overall technology has reached the leading level of similar systems in China

source: Quanzhou Institute of scientific and technological information

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